The Process

Our process involves more than a heat pressed sub-standard vinyl. We actually embroider applique premium 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material to the garment with 15 Head embroidery machines, and then heat press the finished item with industrial Hotronix digital presses. 

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One to 100

If you are looking for 1 piece, or 100, we provide the same service and quality too all our orders. We also only sell a very limited number of products, so it allows us to have much greater quality control.

Focussed service with a focussed product could say we're focussed :)

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The Process - Reflective Text on Clothing

Reflective Apparel Creation

We produce reflective text on clothing with a combined process of embroidery and thermal vinyl adherance to the material. 

After laying out the design pattern and digitizing this in our Wilcom embroidery software, we mount the garment on our industrial embroidery machines. The embroidery machine then stitches out an satin outline stitch to the vinyl and material, creating a scuff-border that greatley reduces corner peel of the letters that you find on many garments with heat transfer application only.

After weeding the vinyl that is in the negative space, we heat press the garment to create the final 3M Scotchlite vinyl seal.

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